Welcome to KISS

KISS changes the rules about what a sex party can be. Forget all your preconceived ideas, and let us show you what’s possible.

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We're still hunting for a new Club Kiss home!
But in the meantime we will be hosting parties at various locations on San Francisco.  Join our list to find out the scoop!


Sure, some people come to KISS to get laid, but the scene here is so much more than that. There are lots of areas where you can just hang out, flirt, meet new people, and be social, without any pressure to go into the play rooms.


We let everyone know the rules when they arrive so it’s crystal clear how things work. That weeds out 99% of the problems before they happen. If anyone breaks those rules, let us know and we will kick them out.


If we had a dollar for every time someone told us that KISS wasn’t what they expected we would be rich, so why not become a member, and let us surprise you too?


The  hosts at KISS aren’t just friendly because they are paid to be- the couples who greet you at the door are all real couples who volunteer because it’s a great way to meet people- you will find them in the play space once their shift is over…


The clientele at KISS are young, attractive, and thoroughly modern. Exploring our play rooms with your partner or new friends is a sexy adventure you will never forget.


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