How do I become a member?
At KISS we screen all our guests to ensure the right vibe. If you’re interested in becoming a member then please go to our membership page.

I am nervous. What will it be like?
If we had a dollar for every time someone told us they were nervous to come to KISS we would be rich! The truth is that once you walk through the door you realize that KISS isn’t scary at all. At the door you’ll be greeted by our famously friendly hosts. They will take the time to make sure you know where everything is and you have everything you need. Then you are free to mingle, flirt, dance, or play in our fabulously decadent space, and our hosts will be there all night if you have any questions.

What is the venue like?
KISS has a private, on-premise venue (meaning you are allowed to have sex here). The entrance is so discrete even our neighbors don’t know what happens here. Inside you’ll find a colorful lobby area that leads to a labyrinth of themed rooms. There are plenty of places to flirt and mingle, meet new friends, and dance (we even have a stripper pole if you feel like taking a swing!). There are a multitude of play areas- both large and open, and small and private, depending on your needs. The space is spotlessly clean, with all the soft furnishings fully laundered after every event. You can see photos on our Venue page.

What should I wear?
Expect a sexy crowd who take care of their appearance and dress to impress. Be sassy, be sophisticated, be elegant, be glamorous, be naughty, and most of all have fun!
Boys: Imagine what you might wear to a first date at a fancy restaurant
Girls: Dress sexy, slinky and glamorous. The naughtier the better!
BEWARE: If you show up wearing shlumpy sportswear, or shabby, dirty clothes WE WILL TURN YOU AWAY,  just like any high end club would.


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