Here at KISS we have had years of experience throwing these kinds of parties. We understand that in order to create a fun and playful environment we have to have some ground rules.

We have created this comprehensive list of guidelines which will help you create the perfect, sexy evening. If you follow them, we guarantee the best possible experience for everyone!

Communicate before you arrive
If you are new to this kind of event, it’s important to have a chat about what’s ok and what’s not ok with your date before you arrive. If you are a single girl coming alone, check in with yourself!

No Aggressive Cruising
We insist that everyone respects each other’s boundaries. If you make anyone uncomfortable you will be asked to leave and be removed from our members list.

Ask before you touch
Place your hand near where you want to touch someone, catch their eye, and simply ask “may I touch you?” and then wait for a verbal “yes”, “please do”, or “Geronimo!” before you touch

Respect our space
Be respectful of your surroundings and don’t make a mess! If you spill your drink, let the bartender know, and please use the trashcan for used safe sex supplies.

Don’t drink too much
We are not trying to be party poopers, but we know from experience that excessive drinking can ruin everyone’s evening. If you are too drunk you will be asked to leave.

No single men!
We don’t allow single men to arrive alone, and if you are a woman here with a date, please don’t leave without him! If you want to leave, then please leave together.

Dress well
Both men and women should make an effort to be well groomed and well presented. If you arrive at our door wearing sportswear or sloppy, dirty clothes, you will be turned away.

Practice safe sex
We provide safe sex supplies and leave you responsible for your own safe sex practices. Please let people know ahead of time if you have an STD and be aware of personal hygiene.

No recording devices
Absolutely no cameras (including cellphones) are allowed to be used during the event in any areas of the club.

Report problems
If you witness infractions of these guidelines, let a host know. Minor problems are addressed with a discrete chat and major problems are removed from the premises. Your identity will never be revealed.


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